As a little side project this week we have been helping the guys over at ‘Tu Danse Studios’ with some of their 10 year celebration event photographs.

The Dance Studio in Peterborough is hosting their own competition, where Mums or Dads can partner with their own offspring and pitch their dancing skills against each other. They will be trained over the coming weeks in preparation for the show in April, when they can put their best-foot-forward in front of family, friends……and the Judges, who will decide who is takes away the 2017 ‘Tu Danse crown’

There was a certain air of expectancy as we completed the group photoshoot over a couple of evenings… I’m pretty sure a couple of Dads were thinking “What have I let myself in for”, although I’m equally sure they will have a fantastic time.

Thankfully we have a portable photographic studio at ‘Image and Events photography.

That portability enables us to take our portable photographic studio to our clients if the need arises.

In this case it was a much more efficient solution to be at our client, rather that ask all of the dancing contestants to individually make appointments through our studio in Peterborough.

The client asked if we put together a slideshow, to promote the event through Social Media etc and we were happy to oblige.

We produce slideshows for client viewings as standard in our ‘Fairy Photoshoots, Newborn and Baby photographs and, of course, the Wedding side of our business.

Whilst a slideshow is a standard process for us here at ‘Image and Events’ Photography Its not very often a client insists on a slice of ‘Strictly cheese’.

We’ll pop the Video on our Blog once the client has given full release.